Designs for the Birds


I have a supreme love for the wonders and horrors of Hitchcock. Now, I like a bit of blood and guts in my movies now and again. But the little room of my soul that is reserved for horror films really doesn’t feel satisfied until it gets a heaping serving of some good old-fashioned black & white suspense.
And The Birds really stands the test of the time as one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

The Birds: 875. Tippi: 0.

This is the reason I start to shudder when I pass large, ominous flocks of evil New York City pigeons that tend to converge on sidewalks. I fear birds. I do. There’s a photo of my family from Busch Gardens when I was maybe six years old in which I have crawled under my mother’s legs, flashing my undies in the process, just because my mother has a giant tropical parrot perched on her arm. I think it’s the talons, man. Yeah, it’s those really large talons.

But if I don’t actually have to confront those talons in reality, I find birds to be deeply inspiring… or maybe just deeply camp:

Introducing Barbie A. Doll in Hitchcock's masterpiece.

One of my friends really owns this. It’s amazing. I want to do this for Halloween.

Lately, I find myself a bit obsessed with birds as an element of design. I’m still quite infatuated with the Bird in Hand mittens and there are several other bird-themed knits on Ravelry that I just can’t shake. 

Top row: Tranquility, Mystery + Manners, Nightingale Socks; Center row: Little Birds, Film Strip Bird ScarfFlock; Bottom row: Bird Mitten ChartHiroshige MittensBirdcage Mittens.

My obsession is getting bad. I went to M&J Trimmings the other day to buy buttons and ended up spending almost an hour talking myself out of purchasing unnecessary peacock feathers for a spur-of-the-moment, poorly thought out decision to quit writing and just make a lot of birdy headbands.

I’d even like to decorate my walls with the graceful silhouette of birds…

Oh, the places you'll sleep.

 …and go back in time to decorate the rooms of my childhood with birds… 

The pod birds grow curiouser and curiouser.

 …and even clutter my already cluttered surfaces with organizing products that look like birds…

The meta of a pretty thing to hold pretty things.

OK, let’s be honest. The really important thing here is that I just want to dress up in ’em. I know everyone and their mother’s gonna have these, too, but I still intend to purchase these:  

Gap Real Straight Jeans with Bird Graphic Cuffs

 Oh yes, I should like one of these as well:

Madewell's golden geese and frayed edges.

At this point, I can only hope and pray that I don’t turn into a human + textile version of Trafalgar Square. Or these poor things here:


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