Good Things Come to Those Who…

…get off their lazy bums and finish their languishing-at-95%-on-Ravelry projects?


Over the last few weeks, I’ve suddenly remembered why blogging gets so hard on a regular basis. There was work. Then more work. And even more work. And also, meals with friends I haven’t seen in ages.

And then I keep starting new projects. Because I need to knit, right? Even if old projects aren’t entirely finished? Them rush-hour subway and bus rides (and I cannot believe that the MTA is willing to raise the monthly pass fee yet again) are just too horrible without holding a pair of needles in my hand to ward off really annoying passengers who think there is nothing rude about literally breathing audibly into your face. Blech.

What I really need is a good solid chunk of about three free hours + a very large, very expansive blocking mat in order to check off the last 5% of each of the following projects.

The mohair lace. So exhausted, it's molting.

My Auntie #2’s Melon Shawl. Years ago, I made a lime green with Louet Kidlin Laceweight in Grasshopper.  I loved it, but hardly wore it. I think I was a bit too precious about it. It was my first really big lace project and it seemed blasphemous to wear the heck out of. In June, when my aunties descended on my parents’ house for my cousin’s wedding, Auntie #3 claimed the green one and Auntie #2 wondered aloud if it would be possible for me to make another one, in a color more flattering for her.

The knitting’s all done. I only have to seam up the edges of the border and then soak, pin, and let dry. And I can’t motivate myself to dig it out of my yarn basket.

Then there’s this:

The scrap yarns. Some of them want to get used by you.

I’m on a big “knit-all-the-yarn-I-own” kick. This is made from various scraps of Knit Picks GlossFleece Artist Sea Wool, Claudia Yarns Handpainted Fingering, and Dream in Color Smooshy. Good TV knitting for a while, but it’s now in the same boat as the Melon, above.

Next is the supposed-to-be birthday gift that I swapped out for the Creature Comforts Cardi:

Cherry blossom season is over. Finish us already before we become entirely irrelevant.

It’s not exactly my color, but it’s still a nice Clapotis and I’m sure I can rattle up someone to gift this to soon. Oh yeah, because I’m also on a big “knit-for-other-people-as-long-as-they-appreciate-it” kick, too. But only if I finish up the durn thing.

I did make some headway on this one:

The buttons. They cry out for attachment.

But only if by “headway,” I mean I bought buttons. Alas, there has been no further progress on affixing said buttons to button strips.

And finally, this sad girl:

Single sock. Crazy for feelin' so lonely.

The pattern is crazy beautiful, but it’s a yarn eater. I think I’m a little afraid I’ll near the end of Bex 2 and have to substitute a blue toe or something. For socks that call for this amount of concentration, I shall cry.

So, about three hours of free time + laying out of garbage bags and towels on various surfaces. I can do this. I swear.

Unless more people decide to breathe in my face and I have to whip out more new projects to steady my temper.

The young'un. So fresh. So hopeful that its future will be unimpeded by lazy knitter.


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